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A simple and shocking way of showing smokers the harm they are doing to their bodies.


A new study from Cornell University graduate student Jenny Wan-chen Lee [pdf] either shows that the label “organic” creates some sort of placebo effect in which people are convinced they’re eating healthier, or that people can be really stupid. Maybe it’s a little of both? In her study, 144 volunteers were asked to compare “organic” and “regular” samples of yogurt, cookies and potato chips, rating them on taste, estimated fat content and estimated calorie content. However, all of the samples were in fact “organic.” Take a wild guess what happened. 
Volunteers almost unanimously preferred the taste of the perceived “organic” samples, which they believed to be more nutritious and worth more money. And these perceptions were consistent across all the samples.


Australian Post Office Ad: “If you really want to touch someone, send them a letter”


Every single time. (via this isn’t happiness)


Counting and breathing, disappearing in the fade. (via this isn’t happiness)


Super onion. One of many flavorful bagels.


Posters for the inauguration of the First Floor Under, with their first show dedicated to music piracy. Agency: TBWA ItalyAll I can say is WOW. Click the photo for a youtube video featuring MJ’s scream in stop motion animation.♥


Happy 1st birthday, Like button!


“Creative people are basically this 50-50 blend of ego and insecurity. From an ego standpoint, you think you’re hot shit, but really, deep down, when you go to bed at night, you go, ‘I don’t know if I’m good enough. I’ll try to make it better tomorrow.’ “

-Lee Clow, CCO / Global Director TBWA\Worldwide

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